Why hire Tenbro Design Studio?

At Tenbro Design Studio we are greater as a whole than the sum of our parts. The foundation of our company is a dynamic team of designers, artisans, contractors and support staff. We are energized by the challenge of creating spaces reflective of our client's originality and honored by the trust placed in us to transform their home or workplace. Motivated by this great responsibility we work diligently to provide a personal design and superior client experience. The recognition we receive from referrals and repeat clients furthers our reputation for quality and dependability and is the life line of our company. Each project is an opportunity to perfect our craft with balance, grace and the synergy that makes it all possible.

Tenbro’s Designers are experienced professionals who not only decorate, but can also design the interior architecture. The education, certifications and project management experience that Tenbro Design Studio brings to your project helps to solve problems, avoid costly mistakes and create a space designed specifically for you – both aesthetically and functionally.

What is Tenbro’s style?

Tenbro Design Studio is very diverse and we have made a distinct effort to make each project as unique as our Clients. By basing all design decisions on our Client’s preferences and inspiration, we are able to open up our resources, ideas and expertise to create individualized spaces that fit YOUR style.

Can I see projects that Tenbro Design Studio has done?

Yes, we have a sampling of our Portfolio on our website as well as on Houzz. To gain a little more insight on our process, you can also follow us on Instagram. If there is a specific project type that you would like more information on, please contact us directly.

When is the best time to bring in Tenbro Design Studio to start on my project?

The sooner the better! The earlier you bring an interior designer on the better your project will run. Designers help you to form a plan of action with specific finishes and locations, so that the design can be easily implemented. Especially when you are remodeling or building from the ground up – floorplans are critical as well as early specification for framers, electricians, plumbers and cabinetry vendors. By starting with Tenbro Design Studio early in your project, our designers can help save you time and money by using our expertise.

What experience does Tenbro Design studio have?

Founded in 2010 by Kiirsten Phillips and Brooke Wegener, Tenbro’s Principal Designers have been working in the industry since 2004. With Bachelor degrees from architecturally based, accredited interior design programs, Kiirsten and Brooke continue their education by attending international industry events such as High Point Market and the International Builders’ Show. As members of ASID, Kiirsten and Brooke continue to bring education, experience and professional credentials to all of their projects.

How can I share inspirational photos or ideas with my Designer?

Houzz is a great tool to help quickly share ideas with Tenbro Design Studio. You can create an “Ideabook” and share it with your Designer as well as write a quick comment on WHY the image inspires you. Pictures are a great way to communicate, but we do caution that pictures do not note costs and, though motivating, the concept may be out of your budget.

How long does the design process last?

Design time varies for every project and can range from a few hours to a few months.

How much is my project going to cost?

You may already have a budget in mind for your project, and Tenbro Design tries to be respectful of that budget when making selections and suggestions. By having an open conversation about any financial limitations, Tenbro Design is better able to set your expectations for the project. The development of a budget will formally happen after the design is completed and may vary from any initial budget conversations. It is important to determine if you would like your project to be designed to be implemented over time or for immediate work only.

Who will do the actual work (General Contractor or Subcontractors)?

We have a team of subcontractors as well as a General Contractor that we prefer to work with based on our experience with their ability to budget/bid a project, create and meet a schedule, the quality of their work and their responsiveness when issues occur.

How does Tenbro Design charge?

For design services, we will have a contract with you to either charge hourly or on a flat fee based on the scope of your particular project. Our hourly rates range from $50 - $165 per hour depending on the experience of the Interior Designer working on your project.

For Owner’s Representation / Project Management, we will have a contract with you based on percentage of the total cost of the project.

Do we have to sign a contract for services?

Tenbro Design Studio signs a contract with each Client for all services. It is important to maintain this step in the design process in order for both you as a Client and Tenbro as the designer to know what is expected during the design process and at the completion of the project. The contract also helps to define which areas are included in the project scope.

For items that I purchase from Tenbro Design, how is my cost calculated?

Any items purchased from Tenbro Design will receive a discount off of the retail price. For items purchased from Tenbro Design, there will be a Freight Management fee in order to provide our Clients with the best customer service. The Freight Management includes freight, delivery, crating, 2nd day air for all samples, fabric and trims to manufacturers, receiver inspection and handling, fuel surcharges, transit insurance, and in office inspections and delivery.

Where do you get your furniture and other items I may purchase through Tenbro Design?

Tenbro Design Studio purchases direct from the manufacturer. By attending industry events such as High Point market in North Carolina, we are constantly adding new vendors that may not be nationally advertised. We also have relationships with to-the-trade Design Centers when we are not set up to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Do I have to make purchases through Tenbro Design Studio?

No, you are welcome to try to source our conceptual designs on your own, however we find that our Clients have a much better experience when they work with us to Source, Order and Install the items within their project.

Does Tenbro Design accept credit card payments?

Yes, we are happy to accept credit card payments, however a credit card processing fee will be added to your invoice.

Do I have to have a large project to work with Tenbro Design Studio? Or Can I start small?

We can start with any size project, whether just one room or designing (or re-designing) your primary or second home. By developing concepts with one of Tenbro’s designers, we can start small and continue the design and implementation of other areas over time.

I want to do most of the work myself and don’t need everything designed. Does Tenbro offer consultations to simply give me a second opinion?

Yes, Tenbro’s Designers are available on a consultation basis which is billed hourly. Consultations do need to be scheduled in advance and typically take place at Tenbro Design Studio. Information and photos that you would like to review need to be delivered to Tenbro prior to the scheduled meeting for our designers to give their recommendations. Payment for these consultations is due at time of service.

How do I get started with Tenbro Design?

The Tenbro Team will guide you through the process of becoming one of our Clients. Once you reach out to us, whether by phone or email, we will then capture some of your information and have you complete a questionnaire that helps us get to know you and your project better. Once we have received your information, you will have a personalized phone meeting with one of our Principal Designers to discuss the next steps of your particular project.

When can I start my project with Tenbro Design?

Tenbro Design Studio schedules the design of each project once a contract is in place. In order to dedicate design time to each Client, we may not be able to start immediately, but we will work with you to create an appropriate timeframe for design and implementation to reach your ideal completion date.

What cities do you work in?

Our designers travel to wherever you or your project are located. With our primary location in Grand Junction, Colorado, we can easily access many communities on the Western Slope of Colorado including Telluride and Aspen as well as Eastern Utah including Moab.

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