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Interior Design Studio

Interior Design Studio

Tenbro Design Studio offers complete interior design services from concept to completion. Our certified, experienced interior design team provides space planning, product sourcing, budget consulting, custom remodeling, floor plans, cabinetry, window treatments, material finishes and more.

We specialize in a variety of styles to compliment your living space. Our design team travels throughout the country and attends international trade shows to bring stylish, professional design to your residential or commercial spaces.

Drapery and Textiles

Drapery & Textiles

Choosing the right textiles for your home can dictate the design and feel of your living environment. Sometimes finding the right drapery, pillows, and bedding can be a daunting task. With our in-house fabrication studio, we can create a multitude of beautiful textile pieces to fit into any home design. We have access to thousands of fabrics, colors, patterns and prints to match your unique home style.